Friday, January 20, 2017

E'layne: Elite Street (EP) (Self-Released, 199x)

Another obscure pressing from the 90s that I know little about. The disc and artwork were made in Canada but I believe the artist hails from Ohio as per the phone number given inside. Featured are two tracks smooth R&B and one 90s house track with soulful, jazzy vocals. I don't know much about the artist but I believe she is now a professor at Ohio State University. Featuring backing vocals from Conya Doss on track 2.

It's On (When You Get Home) 3:46
The Whole Shebang 2.56
Your Precious Love 4:35

Kelli Sae: S/T (OGW Entertainment, 1998)

First release from former Count Basic and Defunkt vocalist Kelli Sae (Smith) who possesses a multi-octive vocal range. Mainly a mixture of hip hop soul along the lines of classic 90s Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans with a few smooth jazz and rock tracks mixed in to showcase her diversity. Originally released in 1998, it has since been re-issued digitally.

Life Goes On 3:59
Candy 5:06
Found Somebody Like You 4:10
Vacant 4:28
Maybe? 4:06
If 3:52
Footsteps 4:04
Angel 5:34
Burned 5:09

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mýa: Coach Carter Demos (Promo CDr) (William Morris Agency, 200x)

There's no shortage of unreleased Mýa songs floating around out there. Preceding and following the cancellation of Control Freak and Liberation in the early to mid 2000s, roughly half a dozen songs leaked online from the recording sessions of both produced by a variety of known and unknown producers but to my knowledge tracks 3, 4 and 5 from the above CDr were not among them. Compiled for William Morris Agency, a talent agency based out of Beverly Hills, CA, I can only imagine that the songs featured were future considerations for 2005's Coach Carter soundtrack though why the two Moodring songs Extacy (produced by Damon Elliott) and Anatomy 1 on 1 (produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis) are featured I

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Los Entertainment: The New Beginning (Cassette Comp) (Los Entertainment, 1996)

Further obscure compilation from the North featuring a selection of hip hop & R&B artists that you wouldn't have seen on MTV or VH1 in the 90s. The first artist Janine (Williams) was formally one half of the short-lived Detroit R&B duo FABU in the mid 90s while the other Four Men are an R&B vocal quartet from Wisconsin who bear more than a passing resemblance to Boyz II Men. Williams later went on to release an EP via Alkey Records in 2001; Four Men stayed with the above label and released an EP and two singles in the later half of the 90s. All of the songs here are unreleased but for Williams' Better Without You which was featured on her 2001 EP along with two newer compositions. Williams - whose husky alto gives more than a passing nod to Toni Braxton's - also makes supporting appearances on a few other tracks here as well a backing vocalist. heard it here first 😏

Intro 0:33
Biography (Interlude) 1:20
You're The One 4:06 (Janine)
Feel The Love 4:17 (Four Men)
Cash Rules 5:09 (C.O.I. featuring Janine)
Hit It From The Back 4:21 (Tru & Clear featuring Janine)
Better Without You 4:50 (Janine)
Kissing A Stranger 4:28 (Four Men)
Feel The Need 4:26 (Tru & Clear featuring Janine)
C.O.I. Interview (Interlude) 1:06
Erroll Flynns 5:02 (C.O.I.)
Outro Thanks 1:16

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sir 'tifyde: Freak The Phone (EP) (MoStar Records, 1997)

Another obscure male artist - from Godfrey IL - that I know absolutely nothing about but despite the hip hop alias, all 4 tracks on his EP are smooth, sexy male R&B at its best complete with phat talkboxes, female rappers and even a bit of early Brandy Norwood (check out the partial interpolation of I Wanna Be Down in track 4's pre-chorus).

Just recently sold for $167 on eBay...just remember where you heard it first.

Freak The Phone 3:20
Love Me 4:22
California 4:31
Bad Girl 3:28

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Project One: Dry Your Eyes (VLS) (New Life Entertainment Inc., 1994)

2 tracks male modern soul and female progressive house from an obscure Maryland sextuplet. Unfortunately I don't know anything about them but a further hip hop/rap release by them leads me to believe they may have done an assortment of different 90s styles.

Many thanks once again to my good buddy Stuaaart for his rip. There was no need for us to blow $103 on the CD when the vinyl was available online for the price of a soda 😁

Dry Your Eyes 5:20
Dry Your Eyes (Instrumental) 5:17
Where Were You Last Night 4:16
Where Were You Last Night (Instrumental) 4:17

Sounds slightly like a 33 1/3 being played at 45 but a good male slow jam nevertheless.