Friday, November 15, 2019

Jermaiah J: Advance (JR Records LLC, 2005)

After there was, there was another online music store that failed in the 2000s, BurnLounge. The story behind their demise was significantly more messed up though; in 2007 the Federal Trade Commission filed a suit against them for running an illegal pyramid scheme - they made very little money from the sale of music and made most, if not all, of their money from duping people, many of them artists and musicians, to open up storefronts with them. I am guessing the above guy was one of those people. Like with, I have not seen this work anywhere else as it was only sold through the site. Recorded during the mid-2000s the sound is mainly smooth vocal R&B but a few tracks have that MySpace-esque 2005/2006 electronic R&B sound. "Last Night - Remix" in particular is very reminiscent of The-Dream's style. The artist, with a full name of Jeramiah Johnson, can also no longer be found so I am assuming he has gone on to do other things. He was originally based out of Langston, OK. 

Advance 1:53
Come With Me 4:57
Video 3:34
You Don't Know 3:05
See You Again 4:21
Your Fool 4:27
Leaving You Now 4:08
Coming Over 3:43
Late Night 3:18
Runnin 4:16
Lights Camera Action 4:44
Get You Back 3:33
Making Love 3:49
Late Night - Remix 3:34

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

HBCU Presents: Blackberry Volume One (HBCU Network, 2004)

Further music from the HBCU Network featuring attendees from a wide variety of African-American colleges and universities across the country and another great find from Napo in Virginia Beach. A mixture of rap, spoken word and R&B music, standout artists include the Mary J Blige-esque Tonya Chester of Tuskegee University in Alabama, neo soul artist Jahah of Morris Brown College in Atlanta and male vocal group Freestyle Nation of Morehouse College, also in Atlanta.

Intro 0:44 (Various)
It'z About Time 3:26 (Shak-C)
No One But Me 3:44 (Black Soultan)
Ya 'Not Ready 3:49 (Good Company)
Registrar's Office 1:49 (Various)
Off The Wall 3:24 (Good Company)
HBCU Anthem 4:22 (Undefined)
Que Buena Me Suena 4:42 (Rio Negro)
Student's Bill Of Rights 2:19 (Various)
Everybody Up 3:37 (Jahah)
Girlfriend 3:50 (Tonya Chester)
Take Your Time 4:40 (Shak-C)
Ghetto Philosypher 4:29 (Jahah)
Roommate 1:00 (Variou)
Let's Talk 4:49 (Jon Goode)
Grass Looks Greener 3:33 (Various)
What Is It 3:46 (Slim Jem)
Back In Time 5:00 (Freestyle Nation)
Outro 0:17 (Various)

Includes an unknown hidden track

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

j'mykaels: Millenium (Demo) (J'Lon Entertainment, 1996)

I first posted this artist a few months back after encountering his only single "Nevermind" hidden away on Amazon. I'd had it saved to my Wish List for some time but it wasn't until Napo contacted us and said he'd found further music by him that I actually thought to buy it. Turns out, he was based out of Virginia Beach and Napo hadn't just found a further single by him but his actual demo. His real name is Johnny Walker and he originally hailed from Minneapolis Minnesota, the home town of Prince. It was no surprising that he once served at his dancer before moving up the ranks; in his earlier career, he served as the lead vocalist to the Columbia Records R&B/New Jack Swing group Radiant (1989) before forming his own label J'lon Entertainment in 1994. His only single "Nevermind" was released in 1996. Sadly nothing else became of this project but we are fortunate to

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Can I Hit It Original Soundtrack Recording (Bigg Starz Entertainment, 1998)

Another super rare find from Virginia, an obscure soundtrack CD to an independent movie about five white guys, with the help of their friends, who try to pull off the party of the year in the 'hood. The film was produced and filmed in Newport, VA with local actors and was supposed to debut in the Spring of 1998. According to the inlay, it was to be a straight-to-video only release. The production company Full Access Films started out in music video production with a show called "Full Access Videos" that was on the WB network on Saturday nights and they later decided to branch out into films. Similarly, this soundtrack features mainly unknown artists but there are two tracks from Massachusetts MC Krumbsnatcher (Krumb Snatcha.) A blend of smooth 90s R&B (Are You Ready, Baby We Can Do It), Garage House (N My Heart), Miami Bass Music (Can I Hit It), G-Funk (Wanna Know) and Thug Rap, an EP was also released on 12" vinyl which has a slightly different track-listing and appears to be highly sought after going by its $190 price tag on Discogs. Many thanks again to Napo for digging this one up and to Stuaaart for sending...

Can I Hit It 5:48 (Tre Featuring Justice Bernard and X-mas)
Mobsters 4:00 (Krumbsnatcher)
Life 4:17 (Tre)
Closer To God 4:41 (Krumbsnatcher)
Wanna Know 4:36 (Big Tre and Da Feature)
When The Sun 5:02 (NiCo Ave)
And The Beat Goes On 5:07 (Karla Brown)
Are You Ready 4:19 (Jason Davis)
N My Heart 4:36 (Juanna Rodriguez Featuring Tre)
Baby We Can Do It 4:02 (Prospect Featuring Mahogany)

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Zaki: S/T (Zaki/EZ Key Management, 2007)

From Virginia Beach, further contemporary R&B and neo soul from the MySpace Days with Zaki Shabazz, an exceptionally versatile artist from Portsmouth who formally went by the stage name "Eazy Keezy." His debut rap CD "H.U.N.G.A.H. Handing Universal And Natural Gems Among Humanity" is highly sought after and in 2003 he auditioned for Chuck Gamble of Philadelphia International Records. Somewhat similar to Musiq Soulchild with electronic production, he still making music and in 2015 released "I Just Wanna Love You" to CDBaby. Many thanks again to Napo and to Stuaaart for keeping this amazing section going!

More information about the artist here, as archived by Waybackmachine in 2007.

Intro 1:13
Made 4 Me 4:58
Let Luv 6:26
Baby On The Way 7:05
Make It Work 5:35
It's Snowing 4:03
When Did It Change 4:45
I'm Gone' Say 'No' 4:50
Time Flies 0:47
Fly Away 4:46
Dependency 4:59
Fall N Luv 4:17
Saturday 4:01

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Friday, November 1, 2019

Erica Faye: Demo (CDS) (199x)

Another great find from Napo, an avid crate-hunter based and purveyor of all things funky in and around Virginia Beach who had been supplying Stuart and I with a regular supply of "unreleased heat" since the Spring of 2017. Among the many amazing things that he's found for us include Single's "All The Way", Unda Presha's "The Essence Of Time" and "Foregasm" by Ty Black. He also found 2 EPs by Ultimate Pleazure and "Consequences" by Ebonae, all sought-after collector's items. Despite being headhunted by other collectors in Europe and Japan, he still gives Stuart and I some great deals on the amazing stuff he finds in and around the musical mecca that is Virginia Beach and hopefully soon Maryland and DC as well. Guessing the record date on the above CD - another local artist demo - was late 90s judging by the smooth soulful sound. Track 2 especially sounds like something Kenneth "Babyface" Evans might've produced back in the day and even features a mystery male singer that sounds not unlike him as well. I don't know anything about her sadly - there is no information anywhere and the disc itself is basically just a generic Sony CDr with "Erica Faye" stickered on it - but I don't think she was the same artist who was signed to Carl "Groove" Martin's label in the mid 90s.

All titles are approximate.  

My Side Of Town 4:19
I Dedicate My Love 4:20

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