Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Man Named (Waugh): Like 2 Lay Ya Down (VLS) (Sheik Records, 1992)

Formally known as D.J. Fresh (The One Man Band), the above guy was an underground rapper from the 80s who, after dabbling in some East Coast hip hop, turned his hand at some phat New Jack Swing in the early 90s. Once again, another brilliant find from my regular contributor Stuaaart over @ beats4dastreets. Don't forget to stop by and show some luv 👍

Like 2 Lay Ya Down [Lay Ya Down Mix] 4:33
Like 2 Lay Ya Down [Radio Jack Swing Mix] 4:34
Like 2 Lay Ya Down [Club Mix] 4:18
Sex Me, Grind Me [Sex Me Radio Mix] 3:43
Sex Me, Grind Me [Sex Me, Jack Me Mix] 4:32
Sex Me, Grind Me [Club Mix] 3:57

Eboni: I've Got Luv'n On My Mind (VLS) (Die Hard Recordings, 1996)

Released to coincide with the popularity of freestyling in the late 90s, this track got an honorable mention in Vibe magazine back in '96 where it was touted as having "more soul than Flyguy's shoes." It uses the instrumental from Smoothe Da Hustla's "Broken Language" and was produced by NYC hip hop duo Owtlawz (Hakim & T-Finesse/unrelated to 2Pac's former homies that have a similar name BTW.) She recorded a whole album, titled "Lessons In Love", but I don't believe it was ever released. She did however release an additional single "Are U Coming Back" via a different label the following year. 

I've Got Luv'n On My Mind [Without Rap] 3:53
I've Got Luv'n On My Mind [With Rap] 3:53
I've Got Luv'n On My Mind [Instrumental] 3:52 (unlisted on label)

OG copy ripped by my pal Stuaaart over @ beats4dastreets

Monday, November 13, 2017

Nesa: Lovers Like Us (Imani-Marie Records, 1999)

Hailing from the greater Los Angeles area, slinky urban-pop fashioned to appeal to fans of Aaliyah, Brandy, Janet and others from the late 90s/early 2000s era. I don't know much about the artist but she does have a past profile on Sonicbids where her music is touted as "melt in your mouth" and "smooth and silky." The label is an obscure one as well with only one other release to their name, a G-Funk compilation "L.A Borderlines Volume 1."

Anything 3:27
Take Me Higher 3:53
Making Time 4:59
Lovers Like Us 4:10
Interlude 1:25
If It's Love 3:30
Patchouli Amber Moon 4:19
Simply Exquisite 5:57
Keep It Real 3:50
Can't Let Go 3:15
I'm Down 4:29
Cutie Pie 4:42 (One Way cover)
Sunshine 3:22
Superwoman 3:48

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Cherish: The Moment (Promo CDr) (Off The Wall Entertainment, 200x)

An early sampler of music from Atlanta R&B group Cherish which may or may not have been compiled before they were signed by Warner Bros. Records in 2003. Of the 5 tracks included, 4 & 5 went on to appear on the final track-list to their shelved LP The Moment while track 3 later made an appearance on Unappreciated in 2006. All sound finished and virtually indistinguishable from album versions. The remainder 2 are presumably demos and have never appeared on any album or leaked at all to my knowledge. There's no credits but track 3 was produced by ex-Hit Men Squad producer Adonis Shropshire and track 3 by ex-Kiara member Greg Charley. Again such a shame that this earlier work was not released. In my opinion, the more poppy stuff worked way better for them.

The Club 3:22
Jealous 3:27
Ohh 3:57
I Told Ya 4:23
Boyfriend 4:24

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Stylz: Demo Cassette [EP] (199x)

Further obscure R&B from an unknown male group, possibly a demonstration although I am not 100% certain. I know nothing about them but I believe they might be an early incarnation of this group here - produced by singer-songwriter Mikki Bleu - from the Houston TX area. There's no date of recording/issuance but guessing mid 90s judging by the smooth R&B sound. They don't remind me of anybody in particular but a few tracks ("Candlelight", "Pink") are somewhat reminiscent of the romantic side of some 90s groups such as Tony Toni Tone and Mint Condition.

Irresistible 4:43
Take Me Away 4:51
We Can Make It Happen 4:19
Candlelight 4:53
Touch Me 4:19
I B 4:00
Pink 5:37

Friday, October 27, 2017

Victory: Conversation (Promo Cassette) (Atlantic, 199x)

Seemingly unreleased project from an unknown male group and found on promo cassette only. I have searched high and low for any information about them but absolutely nothing comes up - and I mean nothing. They don't appear to have any singles and this tape was mistakenly put in the discography of a shitty Italodance act of the same name. I have searched song titles and once again, nothing comes up - and I mean nothing. There is no date of recording/issuance but guessing 1992/1993 judging by the sound which is mostly quiet storm R&B/New Jack Swing in the same vein as early Jodeci with tight Shai-type vocal harmonies. Definitely better than the two groups that Atlantic did release Levert and All-4-One, why it seemingly did not see light light of day will forever remain a mystery to me.

What Will It Take 4:49
Lay Your Love On Me 5:56
Take It 7:12
Conversation 5:18
I Recommend Love 4:22
Content Of Reason 3:17
It Takes A Fool 5:23
Funny How Things Change 4:11
All Day All Night 4:49
I Can Taste It 4:35
Come Home 4:46