Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sir 'tifyde: Freak The Phone (EP) (MoStar Records, 1997)

Another obscure male artist - from Godfrey IL - that I know absolutely nothing about but despite the hip hop alias, all 4 tracks on his EP are smooth, sexy male R&B at its best complete with phat talkboxes, female rappers and even a bit of early Brandy Norwood (check out the partial interpolation of I Wanna Be Down in track 4's pre-chorus).

Just recently sold for $167 on eBay...just remember where you heard it first.

Freak The Phone 3:20
Love Me 4:22
California 4:31
Bad Girl 3:28

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Project One: Dry Your Eyes (VLS) (New Life Entertainment Inc., 1994)

2 tracks male modern soul and female progressive house from an obscure Maryland sextuplet. Unfortunately I don't know anything about them but a further hip hop/rap release by them leads me to believe they may have done an assortment of different 90s styles.

Many thanks once again to my good buddy Stuaaart for his rip. There was no need for us to blow $103 on the CD when the vinyl was available online for the price of a soda 😁

Dry Your Eyes 5:20
Dry Your Eyes (Instrumental) 5:17
Where Were You Last Night 4:16
Where Were You Last Night (Instrumental) 4:17

Sounds slightly like a 33 1/3 being played at 45 but a good male slow jam nevertheless.

Shontae: I Believe I Can Fly (CDS) (Nu Groov Music, 1997)

Although it sounds almost identical to the original, the above singer - from NC - did a good performance of this well-known song. Unfortunately I don't know if she ever recorded anything else back then but she released a gospel album in 2004 titled I'm Determined. 

I Believe I Can Fly 5:15
I Believe I Can Fly (Instrumental) 5:13

My apologies but due to copyright ID I do not post covers of well-known songs on You Tube.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Dynasty - A NuHouse Compilation (CD Comp) (NuHouse Records, 2000)

More great urban music from the second place after Chi-Town to have a bustling underground R&B scene. From Detroit, MI.... more top quality R&B that you probably haven't heard of before and found exclusively on the above compilation from the turn of the millennium. Sort of appearing like a sampler of sorts, altogether there are 2 songs each by 7 different artists dabbling in hardcore hip hop and R&B. The first artist of interest, RoskĂł, is a smooth male artist who combines R&B with visuals "...As you listen to his smooth yet strong

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Shaquenta: Tha Solo Project (Twin Labels Records, 2004)

A very short but sweet first effort from Dallas singer Shaquenta whose limited range puts her in the Ashanti-class of female vocalists although without her annoying habit of trying too hard. Mostly a mixture of mellow cuts and garish electro-hop tunes (think Ciara on the way back machine), I don't know much about her but I am inclined to believe that maybe she started out as a supporting singer on the underground Dallas rap scene.

Step 2 Me 3:26
Interlude 0:30
Come Into My World 4:00
Fantasy 3:33
Radio Skit 0:41
D-Town Swing featuring ICE and Knack 3:51
Freak Me featuring McNastee 3:46
Check Out My Gurls featuring Tajuana Ray 3:29
So Long 4:09
Ghetto Love Poem 3:13
Lula Lee Pea 0:22
I Won't Complain 3:12

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Ebonée: The Odysey (EP) (RF Productions Ltd., 200x)

A further super obscure pressing out of Irvington, NJ that I cannot find a scrap of information on. It contains 2 main tracks It's Me, Baby and Conspiracy which are of the modern soul-blues genre with real instruments and one remix of the earlier track which is 90s quiet-storm R&B at its best. All songs were were written by the artists herself and appear in the BMI repertoire credited to Jackie Denise Fields. She wrote 33 songs in total so the possibility of other projects looks quite likely. No date of release but the mention of the 'new millennium' in the intro possibly points to the year 2000 or 1999 at the earliest. Once again many thanks to my good friend Stuaaart for the exclusivity. Maybe one day we'll find her whole album.

Intro 0:45
It's Me, Baby (Original) 4:58
Conspiracy 3:34
It's Me, Baby (Remix) 4:49
It's Me, Baby (Remix Instrumental) 4:46
It's Me, Baby (Instrumental) 4:08