Friday, October 21, 2016

Jaki G: New Life (Aris Records, 2006)

Another good snag from my good pal Stuaaart, the only album from talented Detroit songstress Jaki G which as far as I can tell is out-of-print and unavailable to buy on CD Baby, iTunes or any of the typical places.  Possessing a jazzy contralto vocal range, her album is a polished blend of neo soul and contemporary R&B and was produced entirely by Frankie Fultz, formally of the Detroit area acid jazz/electro outfit Underground Resistance. Not much information found about her but from what I can tell she is now helping other local musicians and performers find their way as a board member of the Detroit Metro Area Musicians & Entertainers Association.

Thanks once again to Stuaaart ;-)

It's All Good 1:26
New Life 4:52
Do You Hear Me? 4:38
Get Loose 4:07
Do U Know What U Mean 0:10
It's On Tonight 4:40
No More Tears 5:57
Senses 4:43
I'm Down For A Day 3:20
My Name Is Faith 4:47
He & She (A Love Story) 4:03
I Wanna Stand 4:59
Glad To Be Woman 0:42
Ride The Veil 3:26
Metamorphosis 5:46
Summertime Again 4:26
The Hills Of Cali 4:11
Righteous Outro 0:47

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pamela Serrano: I Can Take You Higher (CDS) (Momentum Records, 1996)

More Filipina R&B from Fremont, CA and another fine contribution from my good pal and top contributor Stuaaart. No information about the artist anywhere but the main score appears to include a slightly altered sample of The World Famous Supreme Teams 1988 song "Hey DJ."

As always you heard it from us first.

I Can Take You Higher 4:28
Let Your Feelings Show 5:00

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tonya Graves: Bring About A Change (CDM) (Connoisseurs Music, 1993)

A further obscure pressing found tucked away on a certain popular shopping site that I was lucky enough to find the last copy of. Not the greatest production ever but the type of music is early 90s funky soul to the fullest. The b-side track is marginally better, having more of a smooth, jazzy feel than the main score. Regardless, the vocals are quite strong and some of the remixes are quite good. I know nothing about the artist but the label Connoisseurs Records put out a handful of hip hop and R&B releases in the early 90s, not limited to male trio Fo-Deep and rapper El Smooth. Mega rare!

Bring About A Change (Urban Mix) 4:31
Bring About A Change (Saxy Mix) 4:39
Bring About A Change (Vocal Mix) 4:31
Bring About A Change (Street Mix) 4:49
Take You Over (Urban Mix) 4:42
Take You Over (Tonya's Saxy Mix) 4:56
Take You Over (Ole Boize Mix) 5:07

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Peaches-N-Cream: Jump To The Limit (VLS) (Royal Entertainment, 1995)

Again from 1995, a further funky cut from the Bronx, NYC. I know nothing about them but it seems they are a female duo or group and possibly one of Hispanic or Caribbean extraction as per the slight Reggaeton influences on the b-section.

Jump To The Limit 3:53
Jump To The Limit (Instrumental) 3:54

Repeats same tracks on Side B

Cheváne: I Wanna Know You (UK White Label VLS) (1995)

From 1995, a further obscure group based out of London and who modeled themselves on TLC as per their press information. Described as "the bad girls of 90s pop," the group made some waves in the underground and even had a term coined for their fans (Chevettes) but sadly this very white label 12" is the only thing they ever did. Respect to my good pal Stuaaart for stumbling upon this rarity and as always, you heard it from us first.

I Wanna Know You 4:29
I Wanna Know You (Acappella) 4:21

Repeats same tracks on side B

Forté: Only In My Mind (Just A Fantasty) (Promo CDM) (442 Music, 1994)

Described as "a female quartet with voices smoother than silk and harmonies sweeter than sugar," another unknown group based out of California in the early 90s and of possible Filipina origin. Their only song (above) was released on 12" vinyl only in 1994 but my good pal Stuaaart was lucky enough to track down a MEGA RARE CD copy! As per their names, they are not the same group as the Hawaiian one who had some slight success in the 90s. 

A Capella Intro 0:23
Radio Edit 3:42
Extended Edit 4:19