Friday, July 12, 2019

2Cold: When You Love Someone (Demo) (1996)

Another obscure find from Napo in Virginia Beach; a tape demo from a Minneapolis sextuplet who specialized in mainly live performances at weddings, birthdays etc. I don't know anything about them but the song "When You Love Someone" appears to be an original recording. As per the business card that came with it, the group members were: Tony, Cee, Lewis, James, Donald and RJ. Many thanks once again to Stuaaart for the contribution.

When You Love Someone 3:35
(Repeats on Side B)

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Dae'1: Demo (EP) (1995)

More obscure music on tape with this 3-track demo from an Atlanta male vocal group. While I can't really place "Soken Wet," the final 2 tracks are very reminiscent of the style of Boyz II Men and Jodeci during the 90s era. Sadly despite being recorded onto a high quality Type II tape, the quality on these two tracks is not the best with track 3 in particular sounding like it may have been recorded off local radio.

Soken Wet 5:18
Finally (We Made It Girl) 6:00
Choosey Lover 5:45

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Execitives: Home (Kracken Records, 1992)

Further obscure music on cassette from Detroit and a mixture of modern soul, funk, R&B and very early 90s New Jack Swing with classic soul vocals and old skool panache. I don't know anything about the group but the set spawned one single "One Touch" which was also released in 1992. They also featured on tracks by underground Detroit rap trio M1 and fellow modern soul artist Sandal. Both were produced by the same people Frank Lovejoy and Bob McPherson. I have no idea who they were but they used the instrumental to track A5 as part of a new set titled "Transformation" (as Metamorphosis Music) in 2017.

One Touch 5:16
Let Go Let God 5:45
I'm In Love 4:37
You're The One You're Cheating (featuring A-I-A) 4:37
Spend The Night 4:37
Home 5:28
For Always 5:11
Imaginary Love 4:59
Not Like The Rest 4:39
Sack Chaser 4:07

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Sheéna: Could You ''Luv'' Me (EP) (Phunky Phingers Productions, 1993)

Out of Washington, DC, further obscure music on tape that I know very little about but a mixture of early 90s New Jack Swing, downtempo R&B and modern soul with a soft, sweet vocal. There's no information about the artist anywhere but I believe it may have been produced in part by Troy Williams who later worked with Heavy D & The Boyz on their Nuttin' But Love album. Again it seems she was the only or at best one of the very few R&B artists on a primarily rap-based label which dabbled only in cassettes. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution.

Can You ''Luv'' Me 3:01
Dream Could Never End 2:46
Thinking About You 5:25
Just Say 3:17

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Ebonaé: Consequences (One 2 fear Entertainment, 1996)

A collector's "Holy Grail" and found by Napo while digging the crates in and around Virginia Beach. It turns out that they were from his area (Chesapeake) and this was actually one of a few copies that he found. Sadly along with Deon and Ultimate Pleazure, mp3s of this gem have long been in circulation for years among certain types of 'collectors' but to find an OG copy is probably a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence let alone a whole stack of them. Produced by Clayton Savage, a recording artist from Manassas, VA, the style is a mixture of R&B, soul and rap with a NKRU-meets-Pure Soul sort of vibe. There are no tracks that I didn't care for but for the 'booty' style outro which includes an interpolation of "Keep It Real" by Cheryl Lynn. Once again, a BIG THANK YOU to Napo and as always to Stuaaart for keeping this section going.

Everyday 4:14
Put Your Lips On Me (Original) 4:20
Take A Dipp 4:14
Come Into My Bedroom 3:46
Do You Think 5:30
Thinking Of You 4:45
Consequences 4:30
Too Bad 4:24
This Love 4:47
Gimme A Chance 3:43
Take A Dipp (Remix) 4:16
Put Your Lips On Me (Remix) 4:30
Keep It Real (Outro) 3:04

Listen to more of Napo's find here:

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Cleer (aka Clearthur Lee): So Good (Promo CDS) (One Wood Productions LLC., 2006)

First featured in my now-defunct So Cal Crate Digging section, Cleer was a local artist from my area whose work I found collecting dust in my local thrift store back in '15. Originally hailing from Montgomery, Alabama, he somehow ended up in Palm Springs and being literally a few hours away, I found many of his CDs in the 99c crates including some demos he recorded back in the early 2000s (under his full name of Clearthur Lee) and stuff from a decade later released under a new moniker of "Cleer."While his early work was very much inspired by Luther Vandross, Gerald Levert and other soul and R&B greats of their day, his later work was much more contemporary and featured production from Marc Kinchen (SWV, Beyonce et al.) He released three singles to CDBaby between 2007-2009 but his album "On A Cleer Day" for unknown reasons was not released. The above single was also not released although it did serve as a b-side to a later single "Perfect Man." Also featured are two tracks (albeit in excerpt form only) from his unreleased album. Along with 3'Til 3, definitely one of my better finds at the thrift store.

So Good (Main) 3:53
So Good (Instrumental) 3:00
Beautiful (Snippet) 1:10
Work It Out (Snippet) 1:22