Wednesday, August 24, 2016

5th Power: I Gotta Know (CDM) (Giant Records, 1994)

Further Latina R&B with this 5-piece New Jack Swing-type group from 1994. Of all the Latina groups tying to break into the mainstream R&B scene back then, I think this one probably showed the most promise but unfortunately as with the previous quartet, they never went beyond this one single. I guess it didn't help being signed to the same label as the platinum-selling R&B group Jade. A further song by them No Intermission appears on the Beverly Hills 90210: The College Years soundtrack but sadly never saw a proper release.

Quiero Saber (Spanish Version) 4:34
I Gotta Know (Spanglish Version) 4:04
I Gotta Know (English Version) 4:39
I Gotta Know (Remix) 5:04
I Gotta Know (Spanglish Remix) 4:03

4 Corners: Girls It Ain't Easy (Promo CDM) (Mercury, 1994)

A further soundtrack cut from a Hispanic/Latina group which featured on the Mi Vida Loca soundtrack and a cover of 70s soul vocal group Honey Cone's 1970 song of the same name. Unfortunately I don't know much about them - aside from that they were a quartet - but their short-livedness was no doubt down to the fact that the soundtrack was a commercial failure. A further song by them Suavecito is also featured on the album.

It Ain't Easy Radio Remix 3:32
It Ain't Easy LP Version 4:02
It Ain't Easy DJ EFX & Ty's Radio Mix 3:41
It Ain't Easy DJ EFX Transient Mix 4:11

K.R.U.S.H.: Let's Get Together (So Groovy Now) (Promo CDM) (Perspective Records, 1992)

An acronym for "Keep Reaching Up Some How", here is a further group that never evolved beyond one single, which was featured on the Mo' Money soundtrack, and were discovered and signed by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis in the early 90s. Sadly the timing could not have been more wrong for them- possibly owing in part to then-popularity of fellow group TLC who were also in their first year - and this remains to be the only thing they ever did together. It was released on 12" vinyl only in the U.S. but saw a wider release in Europe where it was released on CD.

Fun fact: One member (Karen) Ashley Jackson later appeared as the yellow ranger Aisha Campbell in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV Series and movie.

Let's Get Together (So Groovy Now) (Album Edit) 3:45
Let's Get Together (So Groovy Now) (90's For Peace Radio Edit) 4:38
Let's Get Together (So Groovy Now) (B.R.A. 90's For The People Radio Edit) 4:25
Let's Get Together (So Groovy Now) (70's Radio Edit) 4:04

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Karisma: Demo (CDr Promo) (2001)

I first brought mention to this group back last year and hot on the tail of a previous group I posted For Eternity. Both were from Chicago and had been under the wing of local, now-defunct management company High Velocity Entertainment along with a handful of others in the early 2000s. Both were R&B groups looking to ride the wave created by Destiny's Child and others like them but the above group was the more poppy out of the two and featured production from Chicago music legend Maurice Joshua. I posted a sampler of their proposed album Turn It Up here but here is an earlier

Marcy: Let Me Love You (BradleyHouse Records, 2001)

Rare funk/soul pressing from South Carolina by a former church singer. Sadly I don't know much about her but according to the inlay, she toured with Bill Pinkney of The Original Drifters prior to releasing this solo work.Unfortunately it appears to be her only release but she is still active in the local church scene.

The Party 2:56
That's Right... It's Over! 4:22
Let Me Love You 3:46
Whatever 6:22
All About The Benz 4:43
You Could Be The One 3:40
Let It Go 4:20
Crazy 4:52
I'm Over You 4:54

Shelundia: A Real Woman (Hometown Records, 1998)

Rare R&B and quiet storm soul from the Dallas, TX area and released independently in 1998. Sadly not much is known about the artist Shelundia Cooks but her voice oozes classic soul class. She released a further set in 2001 titled I Love Me which is also worth checking out although takes on a slightly more personal, grittier theme. Unfortunately a further project from 2014 was not released.

Just Believe (Interlude: In) 3:02
A Real Woman 3:47
Love Through The Night 5:45
Touch Me 4:13
Till Forever Come 3:23
Congratulations Baby 4:31
Sittin' Tite 3:32
If You Didn't Want Me 4:18
Definition Of A Real Woman 3:12
Don't Play Me 4:36
Casanova 3:41
Keep It Real 3:41
Fairy Tales 2:59
Children-R-The Future 5:49
Just Believe (Interlude: Out) 2:37