Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Nicole Moses: The Answer (Scruffy² Music, 2005)

Canadian indie artists are often overlooked by other collectors but if you can find them, they more than deserve a proverbial seat at the table with their Southern counterparts. Hailing from Ontario, the above work was produced by James "Homegrown" McQuaid, who was formally a member of Canadian hip hop duo MCJ & Cool G and one of the first hip hop acts North of the border to be signed to a major label. The sound is somewhat reminiscent to Mary J. Blige or even Angie Stone but with slightly more sophisticated appeal. The artist now goes by the name "Nikki Mo" and in 2015, released a single "Take Care" to

The Answer 3:40
Treat Me Good 3:38
Get With Me 3:40
Summer Breeze 4:01
Rain 3:42
Beautiful 3:42
Natural (Afro) 3:39
You 3:51
Won't Go 3:54
Funny 3:52
Why Ya? 3:41
Whatcha Do To Me 2:56

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Joi Campbell: Unreleased Album (N/A, 2002)

Sister of multi-platinum, Grammy-awarding winning producer, Warryn 'Baby Dubb' Campbell, Joi was one of a handful of new urban acts signed to Clive Davis' J Records in the early 2000s. Sadly her time at the label was very fleeting and aside from one radio-play single and a couple of songs on promotional comps, barely anybody knew about her. Whether she was just too similar to the label's other new signee at the time Monica or was one of the ones lost when BMG acquired its stake in the label in 2002, I don't know. A similar fate befell R&B trio Lyric (you can read about them here) and of course, everybody knows what happened to Monica's first album with the label (although she did

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Lysette Titi: Dallas Austin Demos (Promo CDr) (EMI Music Publishing, 2006)

Titi along with male R&B singer Derick Dimitry and neo soul artist Joi was one of the first artists signed to Dallas Austin's Freeworld Entertainment label in 1997.  She is mostly known for her only single "Young Sad And Blue" which drew her instant comparisons to Aaliyah, Brandy and other female contemporary R&B stars at the time. Sadly problems at the label lead to its eventual demise and she never released anything else. Other artists who also lost out included classic soul group The O'Jays and rock band Tool. Following this, Austin moved his main base of operations over to Universal Records and signed a host of new acts not limited to pre-teen vocalist Sammie and Detroit

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Eugene Cole: U Broke N2 My Heart (Promo Cassette) (N/A, 1991)

From the Bay Area, another obscure male artist and a combination of early 90s R&B and synthy modern soul. The tape is from 1991 but the actual recording dates back to 1990 when it was released on 12" vinyl on a small independent label based out of San Jose. The artist now goes by the moniker Gene-O and after numerous failed projects throughout the 90s and early 2000s, he finally got the buzz he deserved with his first ever full-length project What About Forever in 2013...

U Broke N2 My Heart (Radio) 4:30
U Broke N2 My Heart (Inst.) 5:03
U Broke N2 My Heart (Extended) 5:06
What I'll Do 4:39

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Michael "D" Angelo: Because Of You (Promo Cassette) (G.C.C. Records, 1992)

Rare music from Michael Williams, who was formally one third of Motown funk/soul trio Curio in the early 90s. Influenced somewhat by the group's sound, both this New Jack banger and a further single "Got To Have Your Love" (as Michael Howard) were released independently on small local Carolina labels between 1992-1993. The above song in particular only ever seemed to be released on vinyl and on Williams' own label G.C.C. Records (there was a small business card inside listing him as the CEO.) As far as I know, the b-side track - a synth-driven slice of early 90s modern soul - seems to be exclusive to this promo cassette only. This may have meant that it was intended for a wider release on CD but I don't know for exact certain.

Because Of You (Radio Mix) 3:49
Because Of You (Extended Mix) 4:19
My One And Only 4:44

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Just Us Records: A New Era Has Arrived CD Compilation Vol. 1 (Just Us Records, 2003)

Another obscure compilation featuring a selection of hip hop and R&B artists on a local Alexandria, VA-based label. Two featured R&B artists Shaunti (Monique) Carroll and Rodney Walker hail from DC and SC and are a blend of guitar-driven hip hop soul and smooth contemporary R&B respectively. Both are exclusive to this compilation and cannot be found anywhere else although the label still appears to be active. Sadly none of their more recent artists or productions can measure up to the above work.

(Shaunti Carroll) Bye, Bye Love 4:05
(Shaunti Carroll) I Wanna Feel You 4:36
(Shaunti Carroll) Can We Work It Out 4:10
(Da Fam) Favorite Thug 4:55
(Da Fam) Strictly Dogz 3:56
(Da Fam) Now And Forever 5:13
(Da Fam) Rules Of Life 4:43
(Da Fam) Hold Your Head High 4:41
(Rodney Walker) Your Gonna Be Mine 5:19
(Rodney Walker) I Can't Be Yours 4:37
(Rodney Walker) I Can't See 4:12
(Rodney Walker) Tell Me 3:56
(Jeli) My Crew 4:12 (Bonus Track)