Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Three Tymes Luv: Irresistible (Sunshine Records, 1992)

A blast from the past...the "lost" album from Miami, FL trio Three Tymes Luv and seemingly released in 1992 following their two singles "Irresistible" and "I Wanna Groove." Unbeknownst to me, it seems that Tami Hert was not a member unless she went by a different name or joined at a later time for a different project. Former Company B member Charlotte McKinnon's name also doesn't appear but she was a member at one point as confirmed by an article I managed to find online. The members' names as stated in the inlay are Dawn, Michelle and Karen. Produced by Louis Oliver, a former Miami Dolphins safety, I have never seen their album anywhere but mostly the sound is a continuation of their singles... "Irresistible" is replayed in the gorgeous ballad "Dreams" and continuing on with the New Jack Swing tip "Don't They Know", "Don't Abuse My Luv" and the steamy "After Hours." There are also some amazing, soulful mid-tempos such as

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Funky Poets: Demo [EP] (199x)

Rough demo from early 90s group Funky Poets, who were mostly known for their single "Born In The Ghetto" which was released via Sony's 550 division in 1993. Sounding like they were influenced by many greats of yesteryear not limited to Earth, Wind And Fire and Joe Public, their album "True To Life" pretty much went unnoticed and in the fashion of quite a few other good urban acts signed to 550 Music in the 90s, the brothers went as quickly as they came...their brand of "conscious" soul way ahead of its time. I don't know when it was recorded but this early demo features 3 rough cuts from their album and 1 other track "Gotta Be Strong (In The City)" which went unreleased as far as I can tell. The Shai-esque "Never Say Never" is also in excerpt form here. It may have possibly started out as a short A Capella intended for use between LP tracks although I am not completely certain.

Born In The Ghetto    4:34
Gotta Be Strong (In The City)    4:43
Never Say Never    1:51
Feel My Love    4:19

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Unknown Male Artist: Demos For Deni Hines [EP] (1993)

Early proposed demos for Australian R&B artist Deni Hines (daughter of Marcia Hines) and intended for a later abandoned US project sometime in the early 90s. This was at least 3 years before the release of her debut album "Imagination" on Mushroom Records in Australia and 5 years before the release of "Pay Attention" in Europe. At least one track ("Personal") was written by Al.B Sure! (Albert Joseph Brown.) It was later included on her debut album but sounds markedly different here with a more early 90s contemporary R&B feel. I am unsure who produced it originally but I am thinking possibly Brown's frequent collaborating partner Kyle West. All tracks are sung by an unknown male vocalist. I don't know who it is but I am almost certain that it is not Brown. A further track "Special Man" man have also been written by Brown as well but I am not 100% certain. The hook seems to have been borrowed in part from an earlier song of

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Nicole Steel: Demo [EP] (199x)

Later demo from Chicago vocalist Nicole Steel who sadly I know nothing about other than she had 1 track feature on an independent Chi-Town comp in 1999.Unlike her previous soul demo - which probably dated back to the early 90s - her later work is more in line with mid-90s contemporary smooth R&B with professional-sounding production. Vocally not a "belter" but very melodic and tight harmony-wise - comparable somewhat to fellow Chi-Town singer Sparkle. "Time And Time Again", the smooth swing-stepper, later went on to feature on the Chi-Town comp "Stepping Around The World" in 1999 with a host of other obscure artists of different genres dedicated to the Chicago Stepping movement (an urban style of dance later popularized by such artists as R. Kelly.) The other upbeat number "Crazy 4 U" is funky 90s head-boppin' R&B while the two slower productions "Don't Waste My Time" and "Changes" are 90s quiet storm R&B at its best. No date of recording but most likely mid-to-late 90s at the least.

Time And Time Again 5:31
Don't Waste My Time 4:55
Crazy 4 U 4:04
Changes 3:53

Friday, March 1, 2019

Nicole Steel: Songs [EP] (199x)

Back to Chicago for some more exclusive R&B featuring Nicole Steel and 90s artist Tina Moore. Steel as far as I know is unknown but did have 1 track feature on an independent Chi-Town comp from 1999. Her later work is more in line with mid 90s contemporary R&B but this early demo features 2 tracks 90s soul with a 70s flavor...not surprising track 1 is a cover of an original song by The Emotions. The third and final track "Color Me Blue" is sung by Tina Moore and the original version featured on her debut eponymous album which was released via Scotti Bros. Records in 1995. I don't know if it was originally intended for Steel but the version here is drastically different from the one on the album - which sounded like something Whitney might've recorded back in the day - and has different production and vocals. 

Show Me How 3:37
Color Me Blue 5:00 (Tina Moore)
Stay With Me 4:18

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Ms. Jean feat. Just Jay: Behind Your Back (Cassette Single) (M.A.A.D. Records, 199x)

Obscure funky R&B from a Los Angeles-based artist and featuring a sample from Johnnie Taylor's 1968 song "Who's Making Love." Sadly the vocals and production aren't the best but never seen anywhere else before now. It is b'd with a cover of Stacy Lattisaw's 1980 song "Let Me Be Your Angel" which pretty much stays true to the original. No date of release but guessing mid 90s at the very least. 

Behind Your Back (Radio Version) 4:32
Behind Your Back (Instrumental) 4:54
Behind Your Back (Accapella) 4:20
Let Me Be Your Angel (Radio Version) 4:10
Let Me Be Your Angel (Instrumental) 4:18
Let Me Be Your Angel (Accapella) 3:50