Wednesday, June 12, 2019

RhaaShan: S/T (Self-Released, 200x)

Further early 2000s praise from Langley Park, Maryland with RhaaShan J. Johnson of Greater Champion Ministries. Again, I am not a great fan of gospel but as with Tani, Bi-Faith and many others I posted here, this album stood out from the rest as the sound is more along the lines of early 2000s contemporary R&B with a little hip hop thrown in for good measure. I dare say I enjoyed most of it with only 1 reggaeton-type track "Hail Him Up" (the only one of its kind on the album) that I did not care for as much. There's no date of release but guessing 2002-2003 at the very least.

Intro (Thank You Lord Jesus) 2:28
David's Dance 4:31
Sister (You're A Diamond) 4:33
Nobody 5:56
Favor 2:52
Don't Give Up On Me 5:01
Serious Interlude 1:38
Takin' It Back 3:47
Tithe And Offering Song 4:55
Hail Him Up 4:15
Champion (RhaaShan's Theme) 5:58
Outro (Altar Call) 5:08

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Keith Brougham: A Cali Artist Found In The Virginia Beach Crates

Another rare and surprising find from Stuaaart's Virginia Beach crate hunter Napo, a California Bay-Area (East Oakland) artist Keith Brougham. The single "Lady's Night" is a remix; whether an original version exists I don't know but the version on the snippet sampler sounds identical to it. The track is a chilled, mid-tempo groove with lazy but smooth vocals. There's no date of recording but from 2002 as per the snippet sampler. The sampler, running at just under 15 minutes, is on one continuous track and includes excerpts of various songs with commentary from the artist himself throughout. Seeming pretty local to the Bay-Area, I don't know how his single and excerpts from his proposed album "3774" ended up in Napo's home town but as always we are thankful that he found it.

Radio 4:22
Instrumental 4:21
Accapella 3:56

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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Charlie Mac: Just Remember (200x)

More obscure finds from our Virginia Beach source, starting with an early to mid 2000s male artist dubbed "VA's Idol", Charlie Mac or "C-Mac" for short. Obviously very local to the Virginia Beach area (despite the image of Toronto Canada in the background), there's no information about him anywhere and the disc itself is basically just a silver Fujifilm CDr. I don't know if this was his actual finished album or mixtape, perhaps given out to people on the street, but more songs can be heard during track 9. The sound is somewhat similar to this artist here and others a more underground interpretation of Usher Raymond. Track 7 sounds like a Neptunes instrumental but don't know for exact certain.

Many thanks again to Napoleon and of course to Stuaaart for sending.

All titles are approximate.

Intro 0:32
Just Remember 3:28
This Is How I Do It 2:50
I'm So In Love With You 3:52
First Love 3:13
Anytime 3:26
The Man 3:49
One Night Stand 3:09
Radio Interview 2:43 (with snippets of songs throughout)
Outro - Roll With Me 1:54

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Slinkey: Pop Da Colla/Dollas (Promo VLS) (Good Game Entertainment, 2000)

Further music from Las Vegas-based artist Slinkey (real name Manuel Alfonso Blake) who in 2004 was sentenced to death for the execution-style slayings of two strippers in the Nevada desert. While his brand of gangsta R&B paints the picture of a man very much obsessed with dough,  it showed a lot of potential with features from Big Dre, Rappin' 4-Tay and others. Often mistaken for a rapper, the songs above are a mixture of early 2000s Southern-style contemporary R&B and retro sounding grooves with a Bobby Brown-esque edge. A follow up from 2002 (posted here), was the final thing he released before his sentencing.

Pop Da Colla (LP Version) 4:57
Pop Da Colla (Instrumental) 4:57
Pop Da Colla (Acappella) 4:56
Dollas (LP Version) 3:45
Dollas (Instrumental) 4:19
Dollas (Acappella) 4:16

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Nana Production: Promo EP (Nana Production, 200x)

From Stuaaart, some further underground R&B on vinyl which, unless they go by the name "Nana Productions", is from a further unknown male duo. The style is from the early 2000s era, somewhat similar to Jagged Edge and others from that time. As per the lyrics, they were based out of Chicago but the record itself was pressed and distributed in the UK. All songs were written and produced by Adrian (AC) Cook and Eric "E" Major Shervington, neither of which come up in any searches outside of Discogs (for the above release only.) Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution!

He Say She Say (Radio Hit) 4:15
Pamper You (Club Hit) 5:06
Separation 5:10
With Or Without You 4:28

Monday, May 20, 2019

Twlya: Serious (Test Press VLS) (Sai Records, 200x)

More unreleased 90s R&B from songwriter/producer Andrea Martin, mostly known for her 1998 single "Let Me Return The Favor" which was produced by Rodney Jerkins. Prior to this she was an accomplished songwriter and had penned hits for Monica, SWV, Changing Faces and many other popular artists of the 90s. I don't know anything about this particular artist but this appears to be the only thing she ever did and is a sample-heavy mixture of hip hop, soul and ragga. There's no date of release but a feature with another artist from the same label puts it at the early 2000s possibly.

Serious  (Main)  4:47
Serious  (Instrumental) 4:47
Serious (With Rap)    4:48