Sunday, June 17, 2018

Exklusive: True Stories (J-Rob Productions, 200x)

From Stuaaart's stomping ground, an obscure male R&B artist from Denver, Colorado. There's no date of release but the style is mid 2000s mellow contemporary R&B mixed with John Legend-type soul. No information about him anywhere but pretty local to the Denver metropolitan area. I believe his real name was Deonte Waldrop but not entirely sure. Thanks again to Stuart for the contribution.

Sorry I'm Unavailable (True Stroies Intro) 3:25
You Don't Know Me 3:47
Bring It Back 3:49
You 4:09
Necessary Things 4:30
Surrender 5:38
Beautiful (My First Love) 5:08
Platonic 5:46
Ebony Eyes 3:48
Mama's Song (True Stories Interlude) 1:34
Safe In His Arms 3:43

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Pamela Serrano: Versatility (Momentum Records, 1998)

From Stuart's collection, the only album from Pamela Serrano, a Bay Area singer of Filipino descent whose 1994 single "I Can Take You Higher" I first posted back in 2016.  A short biography online states that it was released in 1991 but looking at the back puts it at 1998. It is a blend of many different styles not limited to modern soul, jazz and freestyle music. It also spawned an additional single "No Reason" which was released at an unspecified point as well. These days Serrano works as an artist director at PnC Music, a Bay Area performing arts company. Many thanks again to Stuart for his continued contributions.

Versatility    3:52
No One In The World    4:03
Here To Stay    4:53
Irresistible    4:02
Do Me Up    5:06
Let Your Feelings Show    5:05
Stay In My Arms    3:33
Island Love    5:15
I Can Take You Higher    4:17
No Reason    4:44

Monday, June 4, 2018

Kimberly Hunter: My Point Of View (Rhythm Hunter Publishing, 2005)

Another lucky find at the thrift store while going through the last of the dregs that I have left over the years...another forgotten artist - still sealed - and a mixture of contemporary R&B and hip hop soul similar to Mary J. Blige, Beyonce and many others from the early to mid 2000s era. I initially passed it up as it had a Cdbaby address on the back but turns out neither she nor this album are on there at all. As with this guy I found back last year, I don't know if they ever were. Aside from a random allmusic entry (which states the CD was released in 2004), I cannot find anything about this artist anywhere but I am assuming she is from my local area...

Remind U Why 3:40
I Saw You 4:01
Happy 4:12
Feel The Same Way 4:27
What I Need 4:29
Kinky & Freaky 2:53
That Was Me 3:55
Kiss & Make Up 3:01

Monday, May 28, 2018

Jasmine Jai: Promo EP (Morehouse Entertainment, 2003)

Originally featured on my short-lived "Amazon" finds section, Philly-born Jai originally started out as a VJ on local show Urban X-Pressions before perusing her own career in music in the early 2000s. Her only EP "Be Easy" was described as having a Pink meets Missy kind of vibe but like most of the stuff I post, it was probably not that well known outside of her local area. In 2003, she recorded a further song, the Missy-esque "Hypnotized" which was released on a split 12" with a local rap artist J-Stix as the b-side.  I don't think it ever got much of a wide release but more songs can be found on the above CD which as with the 12" appears to be a demo only. In recent times, she now goes by her real name of Jade Alston and released her first full length album in 2013.

Hypnotized (Introducing J-Stix)    3:07
Confession    2:58
Bad Boy    3:02
For The First Time    3:24
J-Stix Bonus Tracks
Holla Stix    4:27
Nasty    3:56

Brenda B: Promo EP (B-Boy Records, 199x)

Obscure seemingly unreleased R&B from the Bronx... I don't know anything about the artist but the label B-Boy Records was mainly active in the late 80s. They mainly focused on rap but the above artist and another Jenesis (with "Baby Tonight") are the only two R&B artists that they had on their roster. There's no date of release but guessing early to mid 90s judging by the hybrid R&B/rap sound. 

Waiting [Radio] 4:24
Waiting [TV] 4:09
Waiting [Instrumental] 4:09
Waiting [Acappella] 4:36
Do Me Right [Radio] 4:23
Do Me Right [Remix] 4:16
Do Me Right [Instrmunetal] 4:09

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tiaa Wells: Tiaa (Platinum Black Entertainment, 2004)

A cute 7-tracker from songwriter Tiaa (Wells) whose former claim to fame was penning Kelly Rowland's hit Train On A Track in 2003. Indeed, much of the material here sounds very similar to Rowland's early solo work with nuances of Beyonce sprinkled here and there. It's no surprising considering the set was partially produced by Rob Fusari who was mostly known for producing Destiny's Child's early hits. 

Changing My Direction 3:53
Untold Story 4:26
I Got Something 4 Ya 3:49
OooWee Boy 3:31 (Co-written with Cutfather & Joe)
Automatic 4:01 (Co-written with Rob Fusari)
All I Wanna Hear You Say 4:12
Cryin On My Shoulder 3:54 (Co-written and produced with Rob Fusari)