Monday, September 16, 2019

Ultimate Pleazure: The Man In Me (EP) (Big Daddy Entertainment, 1998)

Yet another classic CD found while digging through the crates in and around Virginia Beach and the follow-up to their previous self-titled EP recorded as a quartet with Donald "Theo" Thorogood in 1994. It is a variant of "Emotions Of A Real Man" which was released the previous year. I don't know if this particular one counted as a single but it omitted "Kitty Kitty" and "Na Na Bandit" for radio versions of two other existing tracks. The duo themselves hail from Chesapeake but this is the second time that our friend has found one of their CDs during his regular excursions and this particular one was signed by group member Vernon "T-Luv" Battle. You can read more about them here.

Kitty Kitty 4:18
Dreamin' 5:25
Na Na Bandit 3:43
Still In Love 4:43
Lover Not A Player 5:02

Listen to more of Napo's finds here:

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Stand4Truth: Totally Abandoned (Self-Released, 2002)

I first became curious about this group after seeing their demo on eBay. Granted, I am not the biggest fan of gospel but do like some of the more contemporary stuff, notably by female groups. Sadly the cost of it ($100) was just too much at the time and taking into account much of the other stuff that the seller sold for ridiculous prices was not very good, I declined to buy it. Was it as good as the seller obviously thought it was? I found their whole album a few weeks back for a somewhat normal price and decided to find out...Sadly it is mostly all acoustic type stuff  but there are a few quite good tracks, not blazin' stuff but nice contemporary gospel/soul tracks. Obviously, this was just a project that they recorded for their Church and not something really intended for a more wider audience but at least now I know anyway and didn't have to spend $100 from yet another ridiculous seller on eBay to find out. 

The Urgency Part 1 0:40
Only One Life 4:28
Bond Of Love 2:58
Where Is Hope 5:11
I Know 3:05
Mirrored Image 3:10
The Urgency Part 2 0:55
Life Is A Vapor 3:46
Mr Ditty 2:18
Mercy Psalm 3:15
Totally Abandoned 2:43
The Urgency Part 3 1:04
Free 4:52

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Ross Sistas: Lucky One (CDM) (Destini West Records, 2002)

Further music from the Bay Area with the Ross Sistas, a further Filipina group that first appeared on a compilation Best Of The Bay Volume One (2000) along with many other Bay Area-based Asian-Pacific American groups and artists not limited to Pamela Serrano, Epic Voices and others. Unfortunately they appear to be primarily a pop group - "Lucky One" is very much the epitome of a Disney-esque pop ballad and its remix very much suited for the OPM market - but judging by the strength of "Baby I'm Yours", I would've liked to have heard their other work if any ever existed. I can definitely see the similarities to Premier and other Filipina groups from that era on this track.

Lucky One (Dance Mix) 5:16
Lucky One (Slow Ross J.A.M.) 4:46
Baby I'm Yours (Bay Area R&B Mix) 3:21
Lucky One (Original Pop Ballad) 4:44
Bonus (Unplugged) 4:59
Bonus (Acappella) 4:43

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

BAJ: Demo (EP) (270 Incorporated, 2001)

From Cali's Bay Area, a further female group demo from 2001 with 3 tracks. I know nothing about them but the sound - smooth & funky R&B - is very much reminiscent of the late 90s era.  Sadly due to its age, the sound is not the best on the first two tracks. I am guessing the disc was either exposed to sunlight or the glue in the paper label leached through to the dye later bellow and corrupted much of the data there - a common phenomenon on these old CDrs, particularly ones with adhesive paper labels. Most of the audio, particularly during loud passages, has static and jitter, but fortunately the the one track that does play perfectly - a smooth mid-tempo number about moving on from a fickle relationship - is pure fire. It appears to be a cover of a song from another group Ol' Heads which was originally from a year before. Whether the two groups were related in any way, I cannot say but according to the back of this CD, this group were between 15-17 years old when this particular project was made.

I Might Just Love You    4:03
Just You And me    4:05
Pack Your Bags & Go    3:50

Friday, August 23, 2019

NKRU: Fun, Fun, Fun (Unreleased Track) (1993)

Further music from NKRU, a four-piece girl group signed to a division of RCA Records in the early 90s and who were mostly known for their cover of Zap & Roger's hit "Computer Love." The above track, a slice of early 90s rap flava, appeared on the above compilation only and was said to be lifted from their non-existent album "Freaky To You" which was not released. Maybe they were too similar to TLC or maybe the label didn't know best how to market them. Were they a rap group or an R&B group? Regardless they were definitely leagues above TLC with their version of Zap & Roger's 80s classic sounding almost as noteworthy as the original. It is unfortunate that they never made it beyond 1 single but about a year later their label Kaper Records had some degree of success with another group Blackgirl.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Monique: Fallin' In Love (CDM) (Ymani Entertainment, 1997)

More rare R&B from Westchester County, NY and samples "Reel To Reel" by Grand Puba with a smooth slow jam on the b-side. I don't know much about the artist but this appears to be the only contemporary R&B release that she has done. In 2003, she released a gospel album "Goin' Under" and in 2004 released an EP (under the alias "Tatejams Artists") to CDBaby. Possibly related to this artist here although don't know for absolute certain. They were both produced by the same guy Mel Bolden or Mel B for short. 

Fallin' In Love (Album Mix) 4:36
Fallin' In Love (Instrumental) 4:32
Fallin' In Love (A Cappella) 4:36
Broken Hearted (Album Mix) 4:20
Broken Hearted (Instrumental) 4:17