Monday, October 7, 2019

Lovecat Music Presents: Hip Hop & R&B Jams Vol. 1 & Solid Soul Vol. 2

More obscure R&B from Lovecat Music, an independent label based out of NYC with a catalog of over 10,000 songs from various artists across many genres. They started out dabbling in indie rock but these days they are mostly known for their extensive Latin catalog. Outside of Joya Owens and South African vocal quartet Khalil, most of their R&B acts seemed to appear on compilations like the ones above. Sadly the vast majority of the tracks are shitty alternative hip hop but there are a few good tracks here. I don't know anything about any of the artists but I am pretty certain that one of them Sex is not the same male group as was signed to Pendulum Records in the 90s. Many of them appear to be Canadian and "Solid Soul Vol. 2" in particular seems to be a continuation of sorts to this album here. Sadly once again most of the track-list is marred yet again by more shitty alternative hip hop, notably Nigel Williams and his awful group Pocket Dwellers. Stand out tracks include "Everything's Changed" by Caroldene and "Come On" by My-Kal. "Sexual" by Sex also deserves a mention although that along with "Water Deep" by Nenareechi appear to be very underground sounding and in monaural sound only.

Hip Hop & R&B Jams Vol. 1 (hip hop & rap tracks omitted)
Everything Changed 2:57 Caroldene
Sexual 2:40 SEX+Y
Never Gonna Leave You 3:00 JES
Water Deep 2:43 Nenareechi
 Just Keep On Walking 1:55 Rod
Groove On 2:58 G-Melos
Peek-a-Boo 2:52 G-Melos

Solid Soul Vol. 2 (hip hop & rap tracks omitted)
Good Life 4:40 Kaybe
Coming Home 4:44 Kaybe
Here We Are 4:54 Kaybe
Come On 4:56 My-Kal

Thursday, October 3, 2019

PMC: Pure Heat (Oasis CD & Cassette Duplication, 1998)

Further previously unheard R&B out of Philly with Oasis CD & Cassette Duplication's "Pure Heat" compilation. Noteworthy artists include Keli Nicole Price (not to be confused with Kelly Price) whose later claim to fame was co-writing "Deja Vu" for Beyoncé, Shawn Chappelle, East Coast trio Pro and female quartet Vyntaje. Pro's Gerald Thomas produced 4 bangin' tracks on Nicole Wray's debut album and also produced the tracks here by Chappelle and Vyntaje. He later formed Dynamic Duo with David Holmes who produced tracks for Lil' Mo, Total and MC Lyte. As part of Pro he also had an earlier single "Thoughts Of You." As for Price, she is often confused with fellow singer Kelly Price but her name is actually Keli Price and as well as Beyoncé, she has also co-written Darkchild-produced tracks for Dainty Kane and Tamia along with Canadian singer-songwriter Delisha Thomas. Other interesting tracks include the soulful & smooth "You Will Know" by Marlowe and "When You Cry" by Vocal Pointe, a Latin contemporary R&B group similar to C-Note.

You Will Know 2:07 (Marlowe)
It's Just A Promo 1:33 (Storm The Unpredictable)
Long Time Coming 5:15 (Gemini)
I Will Put It On U 4:14 (Jack Napia)
S.N.A.K.E.S. 5:08 (D.S. 2000)
T.H.U.G.S. 4:23 (Freddie Fingaz & DA Kleptoz)
Outer Space 4:02 (The Inkredible)
To Those In Need 4:42 (Gia)
Don't Know Why 3:19 (Keli Nicole Price)
Everything 3:03 (Pro)
The One 3:49 (Vyntaje)
Neva B Lonely 3:59 (Shawn Chappelle)
Sweet Honey Brown 4:33 (Ascension)
It's Not About The Game 5:11 (Frell Rell)
Midnight Blue 3:48 (Bottomland)
Delivery Man 3:25 (Herd Of Blues)
When You Cry 4:17 (Vocal Pointe)
Triple Threat 3:55 (C-Sharp)

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Tre' Mayne: R-U-Ready (Cassingle) (Buena V Records, 1996)

More dope R&B from Georgia with Tre' Mayne, an artist on a subsidiary label to Bellmark Records in the mid 90s whose sexy R&B style was somewhat similar to R. Kelly. I don't know if his then-forthcoming album "My Own Thing" was ever released or not but as per allmusic, he released an album in 1999 titled "How Many Licks".  

R-U-Ready 4:33
R-U-Ready (Instrumental) 4:33

Monday, September 23, 2019

Nyna Chante: Southwest Regional A&R Compilation Sept. '91 (Promo Cassette) (1991)

Over the years a guy on eBay has been selling a lot of rare promo cassettes, many unreleased demos from known and unknown artists alike. His impressive collection incorporates many genres of music, including much R&B, but sadly because of the high demand for it almost anything of interest has snapped up over the years. From time to time, I have gone through the remaining dregs he had up for Buy It Now and found a few gems of my own such as JPD Jams and San Fransisco Originals but unfortunately even these appear somewhat rare these days. The above tape, a compilation submitted to Teresa LaBarbera-Whites (a-then talent scout for Columbia records), is literally the last thing of interest that I managed to find whilst wading through all the crap that has been left behind. Disregarding the first four tracks of alt rock garbage, the final two tracks are 90s New Jack Swing/R&B from an unknown female artist and appear to exist nowhere else but here.

Don't Know What To Do 3:55
What Love Is 4:24

Listen to more rare tapes that Stuaaart and I snagged here:

Friday, September 20, 2019

J-7'even: Make It Hot (Promo VLS) (Richboy South Ent., 200x)

The second of my former featured artists' posts and again introduced on my blog sometime back in 2015. From Atlanta, GA, the group's first single "Taste" was produced by Rico Lumpkins (TLC, Vega et al) but this and the above promotional 12" (produced by Llyod Turner & Kelvin Bradshaw of Atlanta-area group Basic Black) are the only two things that they ever did and seemingly the only two releases in the label Richboy South Entertainment's catalog. No date of release but guessing around the same time as their previous single. 

Radio Edit w Rap 4:04
Club Mix w Rap 4:26
Acappella 4:26

Nee Nee Gwynn AKA Anisha Nicole: Let's Go/I Don't Care (Promo VLS) (Base Hit Records, 200x)

Former featured artists revisited beginning with San Diego-based singer Anisha Nicole whose album and earlier single I featured on this blog back in 2015. The daughter of former major league basketball player Tony Gwynn, she signed to her mother's label in 2003 and managed  to break into the Billboard top 100 with her first single "No Means No" followed by an album "19" which featured production from some big names such as DJ Premier, Full Force and Vincent Herbert. Released under her former alias Nee Nee Gwynn, the above songs did not feature and were only ever released as a "mailing advance" to local DJs. The style is less poppy than "No Means No" and more in line with the mid-2000s R&B sound of her album. "Let's Go" especially brings it to the max with the ethnic instrumentation popularized by Scott Storch and others while "I Don't Care" would not have sounded out of place on a Destiny's Child or Beyoncé album. Altogether a very commercial sounding artist for her day.

Let's Go feat. Deuce Poppi  3:32
Let's Go (Instrumental) 4:45
Let's Go (Acappella) 3:45
I Don't Care 4:11
I Don't Care (Instrumental) 4:11
I Don't Care (Acappella) 4:07