Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sweet Female Attitude: Don't Tell Me (German CDM) (Wea, 2001)

Don't Tell Me was the third and final single from Sweet Female Attitude's debut album In Person, and their last single to date. Unfortunately it was released only in Germany, a similar fate which subsequently befell the album also. The song marked a change from the 2-step garage sound of their previous work, and saw them taking on a more contemporary pop sound. There are garage mixes on this CD, along with radio and full-length mixes from German house act Wackside.

1. Cutfather & Joe Radio Mix
2. Wackside Tweaker Radio Mix
3. Hackney Soldiers Mix
4. G4orce Storm Vocal Mix
5. Wackside Tweaker Mix

Listen: G4orce Storm Vocal Mix

Listen: Wackside Tweaker Mix

Sweet Female Attitude: 8 Days A Week (German CDM) (Milkk, 2000)

This was the second of three singles to be taken from Sweet Female Attitude's debut album In Person and was released in 2000. It did not replicate the success of Flowers in the UK chart and stalled at number 43. Again, this German CD release has additional garage and house remixes that were only ever issued on 12" vinyl in the UK, including remixes by X-Men and 10° Below, and German house act Studio 45.

1. Supa'flyas Mix
2. Sunship Edit
3. X-Men vs. 10° Below Mix
4. Trigbag Mix
5. Studio 45 Freestyle Disco Mix
6. Sunship Mix
7. X-Men vs. 10° Below Dub

Listen: Trigbag Mix

Listen: Studio 45 Freestyle Disco Mix

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dina Carroll: Walk On By (Austrian CDM) (Zomba, 1989)

This was Carroll's first ever official single and was released on the Jive/Zomba record label in 1989. It was a cover of the Dionne Warwick song of the same name and was co-produced and featured British R&B group The Pasadenas. It didn't make it into the UK top 40 but it was a minor hit in Europe. The b-side track Me Sienta Sola was eventually released as a single in its own right and became a minor underground hit on the New York club scene.This CD single was released in Austria only. It basically has the same track-listing as the UK 12" Maxi, but includes a radio version (Morality Mix.)

1. Walk On By (Extended Mix)
2. Walk On By (Jazzy Mix)
3. Me Sienta Sola
4. Walk On By (Morality Mix-Radio Version)

Listen: Walk On By (Extended Mix)

Listen: Me Sienta Sola

Dina Carroll: So Close (Promo CDM) (A&M, 1993)

So Close was British artist Carroll's third single from her debut album of the same name, and was released in  the UK in 1992. It was issued promotionally in the US in 1993 on two different CD promos, one with just the LP version and an edit (catalog# 314588085), and another with additional R&B remixes (catalog# 3145880982.) None of these edits or remixes were ever available anywhere else and are completely exclusive to these promos. This is the latter promo CD with the remixes.

1. So Close - Mellow Mix
2. So Close - Groove Mix
3. So Close - Quiet Storm Mix
4. So Close - Album Edit

Listen: So Close - Groove Mix