Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ashanti: The Remix LP (White Label Vinyl Comp) (N/A)

Here's a very rare bootleg from Ashanti featuring an assortment of remixes from her debut album era and a few features. I believe it originates from Japan, although I am not entirely sure. Most of the tracks aren't exclusive to this set. The remix of Unfoolish with The Notorious B.I.G. is the exact same version from her debut album and The Pledge (Remix) can be found on Irv Gotti Presents: The Remixes from 2002. Track 2 is not a remix by The Neptunes; it seems somebody attempted to replicate their sound and likeness on a kid's Casio keyboard and passed it off as genuine. It pretty much sucks, although it is very rare.  I know nothing about the remix of Baby featuring "Beni", though I am guessing it is an unofficial remix. A search for the lyrics pulls up the official remix with Scarface but on hearing both versions it is plainly obvious that this is not it.

Again, The Neptunes do not feature here at all.

1. Ashanti feat Beni - Baby (Remix)
2. Ashanti - Foolish (Neptunes Remix) (Fake)
3. Ashanti feat. Biggie Smalls - Unfoolish (Remix)
4. Ashanti feat. Nas & Ja Rule - The Pledge (Remix)
5. Ashanti feat. Big Pun - That How We Roll (Remix)

Listen: Ashanti feat. Beni - Baby (Remix)

Listen: Foolish (Fake Neptunes Remix)