Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kelly Rowland: Can't Nobody (Urban Mixes) (VLS) (Columbia, 2003)

Urban remixes of Rowland's sophomore solo effort and issued to a commercial audience in 2003. The highlight of the set is the excellent remix by Steve 'Silk' Hurley which samples Run DMC's 1985 track "Sucker MCs..." The others on side B featuring Lil' Flip and Jakk Frost are basically just re-edits of the original album version and not really worth mentioning.

A1 Can't Nobody ( 80sHip Hop Flava 12")
A2 Can't Nobody ( 80sHip Hop Flava 12" Instrumental)
A3 Can't Nobody (Album Instrumental)
B1 Can't Nobody (Featuring Lil' Flip)
B2 Can't Nobody (Featuring Jakk Frost)
B3 Can't Nobody (Featuring Jakk Frost A Cappella)