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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sa-Deuce: Don't Waste My Time (Digipak CDM) (EastWest, 1995)

The debut single from Sa-Deuce's one and only album featuring two remixes and a non-LP track. The particular remix on here samples "Blind Alley" by The Emotions and features early punchline rap pioneer Pudgee tha fat Bastard. Despite being the exact same in every other way, the version without the rap is slightly more stripped down.

For whatever reason, this single is near-impossible to find but the promo without the extra tracks is all over  the place.Despite saying "LP Version" in parentheses, Tonight (In The Ghetto) was not featured on their album.

Dont Waste My time(LP) 4:33
Dont Waste My time(Mecca Don Flava Hood-Remix with Rap) 4:38
Dont Waste My time(Mecca Don Flava Hood-Remix Instrumental) 4:39
Tonight(LP Version) 4:25
Dont Waste My time(Mecca Don Flava Hood-Remix) 4:20
Dont Waste My Time(Accapela) 4:14
Gotta Be Born In 1:06