Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bella: Caught Up featuring Jody Breeze/Ordinary Girl (Promo CDM) (Warner Bros/Reprise Records, 2006)

Just as many of the earlier groups such as LovHer, Lyric and Her Sanity appeared on the scene when members of DC3 decided to pursue solo careers, many new ones began to pop up when they announced their disbandment. We begin this run-down of the later ones with Atlanta, GA trio Bella whom were formally (and briefly) signed to Warner Bros' Reprise Records in 2006. This is their one and only single (for radio play only) and was produced by Drumma Boy, formally of The Drum Squad. Released during an era when the popularity of female R&B groups was in decline, they share many similarities with the previous group XSO Drive in that they had a harder, more urban edge about them and incorporated rap vocals and singing into their songs. They never released an album but did put out a mix-tape called "Bella: The 1st Official Boss Baby Edition" in 2006. Truthfully, I'm not really a  fan of this era of Hip Hop - to me it is more of a glorified form of electronic dance music - but some could and still can pull it off without coming across as overly poppy. The B-side "Ordinary Girl" is a bit of a mess though...