Friday, April 17, 2015

Joy Enriquez: S/T (Arista, 2001)

Throwback Rodney Jerkins from his now-wife Joy Enriquez, who at one point was poised to be the next J-Lo but unfortunately had a change of heart midway through the recording her second album and decided to become a Christian pop artist instead. Released one week after the September 11th attacks, it is slightly more poppy than Lopez' early work but thankfully she is no Selena. There are a few pop stinkers (including the obligatory Latin pop song a la Let's Get Loud) and way more ballads than what I would ordinarily like but with backing from producers such as Jerkins, Babyface and Beyoncé (yes THE Beyoncé), it didn't turn out half bad really. Oh, and it is also worth nothing that, unlike Lopez, she can actually sing.

What Do You Want 3:54 (Written and produced by Beyoncé)
Tell Me How You Feel 4:06
I Cant Believe 4:24
Situation 4:27
Shake Up The Party 3:31
Without You 5:00
I Dont Want You 3:59
Someday 3:49
Just When I Need You 3:19
Between You And Me 4:21
Uh Oh 4:09
Losin The Love 4:42
With This Love 3:43

Nowadays, unfortunately, she is one of the many former recording artists who've jumped on the reality TV bandwagon...