Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lil' Mo: Based On A True Story (Advance) (1999)

Lil' Mo's debut album was pushed back at least twice before it finally saw the light of day in 2001. Originally intended to be released in 1999, it was fraught with delays whilst the record label, Elektra Records, decided on Mo's image and sound. Before they had even started, they had already decided to leave off the excellent "5 Minutes" (with Missy Elliott) as it had supposedly underperformed in the charts. In between the release of that and another song soon to be ejected "Ta Da", Mo released the radio-play only single "If You Wanna Dance" which would also eventually find its way into the recycling bin . This led to delays on her debut album
for the first time while Elektra Records allegedly tried to soften her "gangsta girl" image and much of the material she recorded for it was scrapped. I know that at least one album advance (from 2000) exists featuring unused contributions from Missy Elliott but the above version is an even earlier version. I don't believe it it an authentic Elektra promo as there isn't a catalog number or any record company jargon on it. There is also a similar-style pressing from Sam Salter featuring tracks from his unreleased "Little Black Book" album, also from 2000. The CD itself is an authentic professionally-pressed CD but it appears to be a bootleg consisting of authentic early studio demos from 1999...Some such as "My Story" and "How Many Times" were eventually released on the album but just over half were not. The tracks that went unreleased include "More Than You Know", "If You Wanna Dance", "Phinlee Ova Yoo", "Right & Wrong", "Nobody Somebody", "Nothing But The Good Times", "What About The Children" and an interlude. Most of these unreleased tracks were produced by Flavahood, a production company out of NYC that had previously produced songs for Nicole Wray and En Vogue. Some appeared on a later advance but none would go on to make the final cut of the album. Such a shame as almost all of them are way better than the crap that did end up on it, notably the awful "Superwoman Pt II" and "Gangsta"...

At least somebody got tired of waiting for this album to drop.

Intro 2:00
My Story 3:08
More Than You Know 4:11
If You Wanna Dance 4:05
How Manny Times 4:41
She'd Never Be Mine (Interlude) 1:26
She'd Never Be Mine 5:16
Time After Time 5:31
Phinlee Ova Yoo 4:36
Right & Wrong 4:19
The Player Not The Game 4:28
Nobody Somebody 4:45
Nothing But Good Times 4:55
What About The Children 4:23
Outro 1:11
Blank 0:04

NOTE: It is unfortunate that I was forced to terminate my eBay listing for this CD early after some charming do-gooder on an obvious power trip threatened to report me for listing a counterfeit item. A self-professed collector of the artist in question, they claimed to have this exact same album but their copy 'looked a lot different' to mine. To my knowledge, only one official advance of this album was ever made and I have it listed here. I could be wrong, but bootleg or not, this is a extremely rare item and now this little twerp has made it even harder for those that might be interested in hearing it. There are thousands of unofficial CDs being sold on eBay on any given day, including shitty mp3 CDs and CDr mixtapes that people throw together on their home computer systems. Nobody cares about these but this extremely rare item - which I did not produce myself and is not a CDr - has to come down immediately or I risk having a strike against my seller account. eBay really needs to revise its out-dated policies on selling bootlegs - especially if they are over ten years old, not CDrs and have a valid, legitimate entry in a music database or catalog - and some people need to go over to Discogs and educate themselves further.