Monday, June 29, 2015

3LW: Do Ya/After This (White Label Promo VLS) (2006)

Rare bootleg dressed as an official Jive/Zomba promo featuring two unreleased cuts from 3LW's shelved third album Point Of No Return. The album was scrapped indefinitely when the group were dropped from So So Def's roster in 2006, possibly around the same time that Dupri signed a new distribution deal with Virgin Records. Naturi was totally absent from the group at this time and had been since before the release of their sophomore album A Girl Can Mack. They never fully recovered from all the bad press, most likely a contributing factor to their demise along with Williams' and Bailon's involvement in The Disney Channel group The Cheetah Girls. As said previously, this 12" is not official and was one of a few bootlegs made featuring unreleased songs from the doomed project. This particular one features the Rich Harrison production Do Ya whilst side B features the unknown After This.  Do Ya in particular sounds somewhat similar to Kelly Rowland's 2002 song Can't Nobody but the instrumental is basically just a loop of the song's beginning. A much new and improved sound for the once poppy group with newbie Jessica Benson taking on a much larger role than did Naturi on their earlier stuff...