The Best Of 2019

Our greatest finds of 2019 including the lost album from Miami trio Three Tymes Luv, unreleased demos from various songwriters and the last contributions ever to our very successful Virginia Beach crate-digging section.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Malaysa: Finally ! (Mae Dae Records/NuMillennium Distribution Group Inc., 2002)

Moving away from groups, I shall now give a brief mention to a few of the more decent-sounding female soloists who released independently in the late 90s and early 2000s. While a a lot of collectors heap hype, prestige and value on indie-soul artists - regardless of the quality of the vocals or the production used - I am a little more strict. I won't waste anybody's time here on vanity projects from failed singers that are relatively tone-deaf or any production that sounds outdated or like it was composed during a junior high school music lesson. And so we begin with the above singer who was based out of L.A. in the early 2000s and had a sound and persona similar to Mary J. Blige. This appears to be her one and only release, possibly on her own label, and is a blend of hip hop soul and contemporary R&B with G-Funk and southern influences. I don't think that it spawned any actual singles and aside from appearing as a featured vocalist for a dance/house act in 2011, the artist herself sadly no longer appears to be active. Definitely one of the stand-out ones so far.

Movin' On 3:36 1
Private Party 3:58
Your Wrong 3:46
One Of Those Things 3:54
I Wanna Party (Original) 3:32
Weekend Girl 3:27
Don't Know 3:49
I Wanna Party ( Kotic Remix) 3:43
Double Life 4:08
Serious 4:45
Serious (Extended Mix) 7:18
Bonus Track : I Don't Give A Damn 4:21