Thursday, September 17, 2015

Zakiya: 7 Track Album Sampler (Promo CDr) (Seven Universal, 1999)

Touted as the next Brandy, Zakiya was signed to the A&M distributed DV8 Records in the mid-90s and released two singles (Love Like Mine & My Love Won't Fade Away) and an album. She had minimal success and a follow-up project was eventually shelved by the label after only one single. Sadly only this 7-track sampler (which was only ever pressed in the UK) and a further 12" featuring one other song are in existence. The style is predominantly smooth R&B with G-Funk and even some disco influences. Slightly out-dated when compared to the new style of R&B that was emerging in the late 90s but still a lost gem nevertheless...

One More Time 3:47
Easy Lovin' You 4:12
Miss Me (You're Really Gonna) 4:42
Meditate 5:51
Baby (Don't Call Me) 5:05
Lovely 5:43
Get Wit You 3:58