Wednesday, July 13, 2016

NV: Silly Fool (Promo VLS) (Bring It On Records, 200x)

The second and final single by obscure UK R&B trio NV and released for promotion only in the early 2000s. Very TLC-esque, it was produced by UK production outfit Full Crew who were mostly known in the mid-to-late 90s for remixing every popular R&B/pop song that hit the top 20 along with The Ignorants and Blacksmith. As stated in my previous post, the trio appear to be British but the label that released their singles was based out of Washington DC.

Many thanks once again to Stuart for the contribution. 

Silly Fool [Full Crew Club Mix] 4:57
Silly Fool [Radio Edit] 4:27
Silly Fool [Bonus Cut] 4:07

NV: Tell Me (VLS) (Bring It On Records, 200x)

More top quality UK R&B without 2-Step or eurodance influences...Another very obscure girl group that has appeared on a few UK-only compilations. Outside of this they released two vinyl-only singles via a small U.S. label, including the above cover of Groove Theory's 1995 original Tell Me. Unfortunately I can't tell you anything about them; they appeared to be produced by UK musicians but their label was based out of Washington DC. Other than that, they appear to have been influenced by Destiny's Child, especially on the b-side.

Big thanks again to Stuart for the contribution.

12" Single
Tell Me [Radio Edit] 3:48
Tell Me [Remix] 4:21
Keep On Pushing [Album Version] 3:44
Tell Me [Accapella] 3:43

Tell Me [Full Crew/Wiz Da Kid Mix] 3:51
Tell Me [Killaloop Mix] 4:39
Tell Me [Killaloop Mix Instrumental] 4:37

First Class: Strictly Rollin' [JP Retail] (Cutting Edge, 1998)

More obscure R&B/swing from the late 90s and from a British quartet whose only album was released in Japan. They released one single via RCA Records in '97, the title track Strictly Rollin'  but I don't believe it charted and nothing was heard from them again. I don't know if RCA dropped them or not but a few years later the rights to a further single (Do You Have A Girlfriend) and their album were acquired by Japanese label Cutting Edge, a label famous for picking up rejects for distribution in Japan. Their album is a solid one - quality UK swing before the obsession with Destiny's Child and 2-step garage - but it is unfortunate that they emerged at a time when The Spice Girls were at their peak. All tracks were produced by Danish producer Lucas Secon with additional production by C-Swing and Cutfather & Joe.