Sunday, October 16, 2016

Peaches-N-Cream: Jump To The Limit (VLS) (Royal Entertainment, 1995)

Again from 1995, a further funky cut from the Bronx, NYC. I know nothing about them but it seems they are a female duo or group and possibly one of Hispanic or Caribbean extraction as per the slight Reggaeton influences on the b-section.

Jump To The Limit 3:53
Jump To The Limit (Instrumental) 3:54

Repeats same tracks on Side B

Cheváne: I Wanna Know You (UK White Label VLS) (1995)

From 1995, a further obscure group based out of London and who modeled themselves on TLC as per their press information. Described as "the bad girls of 90s pop," the group made some waves in the underground and even had a term coined for their fans (Chevettes) but sadly this very white label 12" is the only thing they ever did. Respect to my good pal Stuaaart for stumbling upon this rarity and as always, you heard it from us first.

I Wanna Know You 4:29
I Wanna Know You (Acappella) 4:21

Repeats same tracks on side B

Forté: Only In My Mind (Just A Fantasty) (Promo CDM) (442 Music, 1994)

Described as "a female quartet with voices smoother than silk and harmonies sweeter than sugar," another unknown group based out of California in the early 90s and of possible Filipina origin. Their only song (above) was released on 12" vinyl only in 1994 but my good pal Stuaaart was lucky enough to track down a MEGA RARE CD copy! As per their names, they are not the same group as the Hawaiian one who had some slight success in the 90s. 

A Capella Intro 0:23
Radio Edit 3:42
Extended Edit 4:19

Lauri G.: Somebody Else Will (CDM) (Hit Records, 1997)

Another one sadly lost to the gospel brigade but it was good while it lasted...the only contemporary R&B release from Texas singer Lauri G. Very similar to this track by a previous artist posted (Ms Angela), it is smooth 90s R&B with sultry soul vocals. I am unsure as to whether she released a follow-up but like many others before her, she has since turned to contemporary Christian music and her later work can be found here. As always, many thanks to my good friend Stuaaart for providing me with the rip and as always, you heard it from us first...

Main Mix 3:54
Acoustic Mix 3:58
No Skin Mellow Mix 4:02
Instrumental 3:52

Freckles: Daddy Wasn't There (EP) (Filthy Rich Records, 1997)

Another straight up amazing find from my good pal Stuaaart, the rare EP from smooth-voiced Chi-Town songstress Tanya White AKA Freckles. She is mostly known for her song Dance With Me which made some minor waves on the music scene in 2002 but her debut CD Does It Really Matter sadly ended up on the cutting room floor despite being as good, if not better, than similar stuff released at the time. She was signed to an independent label which had distribution rights through Universal (Beyond subdivision) but the above set was recorded earlier on in her career and probably soon after fellow Chi-Town musician R.Kelly encouraged her to sing instead of MC. Also recorded before she came out as a lesbian, it includes a steamy duet with an unknown male artist.

Daddy Wasn't There 4:12
Daddy's Little Girl 3:54
Freaky With U 3:24
Chi-Town 4:06

Charlene (Gilliam): Jiggy (VLS) (Black Wax Entertainment, 1998)

Not many people know about the above lady but she has written for numerous pop puppets over the past ten years, the most notable being Rihanna for the song Final Goodbye in 2007. Well at one point - in the late 90s - she was actually a fledgling singer in her own right and released the above EP via a small indie hip hop label based out of NJ. Vocally somewhere between Adina Howard and Tamar Braxton and with production that is seamless, this set is definitely up there with the best that the late 90s underground had to offer. Jiggy is a funky groove that threatens to get stuck in your head but the cream of the crop for me would have to be the amazing If These Walls Could Talk.

Many thanks again to my pal Stuaaart for the rip ;-)

Jiggy 4:05
Instrumental 4:08
Jiggapella 4:01
Which Part Of No 4:27
If These Walls Could Talk 3:59

Lydia (Ms. Lydia): featuring Surface: Closer Than Friends (Promo VLS) (Alexia Records, 1994)

Originally featured on the indie hip hop comp Life After Evolution, here's is another hidden gem you probably haven't heard of before. No idea who the artist is but it is a collaboration with male R&B trio Surface and a cover of their 1988 song of the same name. Pretty much in the same smooth vein as the original, it features Snoop's former producer Battlecat on the remix!

Many thanks once again to Stuaaart for his rip ;-)

Closer Than Friends [Radio Edit] 3:48
Closer Than Friends [Extended Version] 5:08
Closer Than Friends [Battle Cat Remix Vocal] 5:46
Closer Than Friends [Battle Cat Remix Instrumental] 5:44