Saturday, February 4, 2017

Deemi: Dying To Get Rich [Mixtape] (Family Ties Entertainment, 2006)

While she was still in the process of trying to blow up, Deemi and her team - NYC rap artist Chris Styles and popular production team Midi Mafia - released the above mixtape CD for the streets. Contributed by my good pal Stuaaart, some songs were to appear on her debut release but I am uncertain about  the others. It's a possibility that they were the original demos they used to get her a record deal with Atlantic but I don't know for absolute certain. Most are pretty raw although some of the music is very reminiscent of Alicia Keys' early work with sweeping orchestral passages, tinkly piano hooks and rich vocal harmonies.A lost gem of an artist, again it's such a shame that the label didn't know what to do with her. It seems being real only works when it is fake...

Featuring appearances by Styles P., N.O.R.E. and a boatload of other East Coast rap alumni.

Deemi !!! ft. Stik-E & The Hoods 2:40
Around My Way 3:46
Ain't Nuttin' Nice 2:57
I See ft. Styles P 2:33
Hood Niggaz ft. Precious Paris 3:22
Jump ft. N.O.R.E. 3:23
Two Kinds ft. Jaheim 3:09
Tree'd Up 2:54
Round Here 2:20
So Hood 3:23
Time Flies ft. Khryst 2:45
Paper ft. Balance 4:18
I Don't Care ft. ATM 3:22
Babydaddy 2:41
Wasn't Surprised 3:12
Soundtrack Of My Life 4:05