Thursday, October 19, 2017

Tamia: Album Advance (Promo CDr) (Elektra, 2003)

Another stalled project from the abysmal Elektra Records, well known for its delays and cancellations of many quality R&B projects in the late 90s-early-2000s era, but for once, from what I can tell, this one was beyond their control. It was Tamia's diagnosis with a life-changing illness that pushed this one back by a year though due to the label's wish to include productions by Poke and Tone the version that they released in the end was drastically different. Originally titled "Still", the album was to have the above track-listing but upon its release in 2004 five tracks had been pulled in favor of a cover song and lackluster collaborations with rappers. LQ Internet leaks of "Hold Up" and "Don't Think" have been in