Friday, October 26, 2018

Christina Milian: Mixtape Milian (Bootleg Vinyl EP) (2006)

Possibly from the same camp as Mariah's erroneous Def Jam promos (see bellow), former Def Jam artist Christina Milian gets a bootleg featuring a collection of remixes + rarities. Sadly Milian's time in the spotlight has been brief over the years (her debut album wasn't even released in the U.S. and her third album "So Amazin'" was passed up in favor of label mate Rhianna and her "Umbrellas" in 2006) but what with all the unreleased material that she has, she has etched out quite a resume for herself. Her first official album in the U.S. was 2004's "It's About Time", which was a lot maturer than her bubble-gum pop-infused debut and aimed more at R&B fans. The reverse side of this EP